Global Impex USA is a mill-direct company headquartered in St. Cloud, MN with warehouses strategically located around the country. We are an OEM manufacturer stocking standard canvas for industrial and artist use along with finished products such as t-shirts, general apparel, medical scrubs, lab coats, and more.

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As a mill-direct company, we provide custom fabrics for all your needs. We understand that canvas is more than just a material — it’s your business, and it’s your reputation.


We want to eliminate the pain of discovering unwanted canvas defects and having to deal with someone on the other side of the world to fix it. Our team strives to uphold your reputation by being dependable, reliable, and eager to serve clients.







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Global Impex USA seeks to exceed customer expectations by providing unparalleled quality, exceptional customer service, and cost-effective textile solutions. We have a commitment to sourcing the finest materials for our partners without sacrificing the speed or efficiency necessary in today's fast-moving marketplace.

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